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In a window of Prestes Maia 911 building

In a window of Prestes Maia 911 building


Winner of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award


In March 2006 the residents of 911 Prestes Maia, a twenty-two story ramshackle tower block in the center of sprawling Sao Paulo, Brazil, learned that they were to be evicted. The building, neglected by its landlord, had been empty for over a decade. In 2003 the “Movement of the Homeless” had moved in hundreds of families. The new residents created homes and a thriving community from squalor and neglect, complete with a library, workshops, and other educational activities. In this collection Julio Bittencourt records the tower’s residents as they appear in weathered window frames. It is powerful and thought provoking.


(Introduction) Ronaldo Entler


Published by DBA (Brazil), Dewi Lewis (UK) and Kehrer Verlag (Germany)