The fourth issue of C Photo: New Latin Look, guest-edited by Martin Parr, presents a highly original selection of young Latin American photographers. The innovative and contemporary approaches to the photographic medium by the artists included in this volume have led to a rebirth of photography in Latin America, and will ensure a renewed appreciation for a tradition whose power and depth had been ignored for too long. Portfolios: Alexander Apóstol, Julio Bittencourt, Fernando Brito, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Ana Casas Broda, José Castrellón, Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann, Fernando Brito, Miguel Calderón, Óscar Fernández, Luis Molina‐Pantin, Rosario Montero, Guadalupe Ruiz, Geovanny Verdezoto, Irina Werning.

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